Air Filter Reminder

Replacing Air Filters

Guess how long this central air filter was used in my house:

Close up of dirty air filter

Looks bad right?

Simply touching the air filter lightly dusted my finger pretty good:

Dust on finger from air filter

It was only used for six weeks.

Just six weeks.

How Often?

Since we have a dusty bird (African Grey) I routinely replace our air filters every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of dust.

I put a calendar reminder on my phone to make sure I remember to check the air filter.

I prefer to buy inexpensive filters with only a FPR rating of 4 (dust, pollen & animal dander). A finer filter is simply unnecessary.

Another option is a washable filter, but African Grey dust is not fun to wash off.

It is easy to forget everyday items like air filters but your air conditioning unit will appreciate the fresh filter!

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