Going on a trip? Pet Sitter!

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Going on a Trip?

Preparing for a trip is stressful, especially when you add a flock of birds!

Finding a pet sitter that you trust to take care of your birds is the hardest step.

But once you have a pet sitter what instructions do you leave? What supplies do you leave out?

Pet Sitting Instructions

Use my template as a jumping off point for creating your own pet sitting instructions!

I created the template for my own upcoming trip out of the country. The template includes a preparation checklist, general parrot information and specific instructions for the sitter.

Since it is a Google Doc you can easily edit the template for your flock.

Pet Sitting Instructions Screenshot

Click on the button below to open the Parrot Pet Sitting Instructions:

Open GOOGLE Doc in new tab!

New to Google Docs?

If you are new to using Google Docs just click on ‘File‘ and select ‘Make a copy‘ like the screenshot below:

Google Doc Menu

Now you can edit and save the instructions!

Why Such Detailed Instructions?

I always go over the instructions in person with my pet sitter before I leave on my trip. I also have them remove the bowls (not an easy task with Bingo) and give my flock some treats.

But even the most experienced bird sitter is not going to remember everything you tell them.

Hence the extremely detailed instructions.

People have joked about my ‘unnecessary’ instructions but every pet sitter has mentioned how grateful they were for those details during their first day taking care of the birds.

What About Boarding?

I have never boarded my parrots. There is an excellent bird rescue nearby that does a great job boarding but I cannot subject Bingo to the noise.

After all, 30+ parrots in a room is not exactly quiet. Especially when 8 of them are Macaws.

So having a pet sitter come to my house has been the best solution for my flock.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Saying goodbye to your birds is hard but you can rest easy knowing that your pet sitter will take good care of them!

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